Exciting Types of Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is excessively used for in-house lighting nowadays. You may want to join the bandwagon, but you should know that there is a lot more to the dimension of Pendant lights that you might be exposed to, so it is important for you to read up and know the wide variety you can choose from.

  1. Glass Pendants

Stylishness is absolutely necessary if you are willing to decorate your house, and glass pendants are the best way to do that. These lights look good in bedrooms, bathroom, and anywhere in the house (especially on the kitchen counter to make you feel you’re in a restaurant every time you get food) as long as it is inside the house.

  1. Shade Lights

Don’t you just love dressing up? Trust us, your pendant lights sometimes want to do the same, and if you add a bit of shade to them with a material made of jute, or even paper for that matter, you’ll get a new shade of light that will certainly blow your mind. The best thing about this type of lighting is the flexibility you have in terms of finding your own materials and making your own shapes, so this is an innovative purpose you can allow your creative juices to flow out too.

  1. Lantern Pendants

Combining two unique designs to make something entirely new is a technique which has hid the lighting market recently, and the enchanted lanterns combined with pendant lighting has produced an excellent escape to that zone of imaginativeness. These lights are best for being used in hallways and entrances to houses/restaurants, and usually, one lantern contains more than one light so having them connected separately to vary brightness might be a good idea.

  1. Canopy Pendants

String lights have been commonly used outdoors, but with pendants, you now have the option of having a canopy which is populated with mini pendant lights. These canopies can be hung from the ceiling onto your dinner table, room, or any other place where you want stylish functionality to furnish.

  1. Bell and Drums

These shapes of pendant lights are exactly what they sound like; bells and drums. They work excellently because these shapes are made using metals which are shiny and not prone to easy corrosiveness. You can get a form of a chandelier in these shapes of pendant lights. And best, they cost a lot less too.


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